Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goya Bar Soi 33

Goya Bar Soi 33, water color on paper, 18x24 inch

He grew up in the Bronx.  After law at Harvard, he did corporate takeovers, making millions, enough for a Park Avenue Coop, Ivy League wife, 2 kids at Horace Mann and summer house in the Hamptons.  When in Bangkok, he drops by Goya Bar and takes 2 girls to the Novotel on Soi 33. He’s rough and crude, acting out his power. They pretend it’s what they like. He pays them twice the going rate, pocket change for him.  For them, 3 month’s rent, their kids’ school for a year and more.  They shower and tell him he’s a handsome man, embrace him at the door, their night’s work done.