Monday, June 11, 2012

Neon Soi Dog

Neon Soi Dog, water color on paper, 5x7 inch

On every street of the Bangkok Night, there are soi dogs, kind of like India and sacred cows.  Covered with mange, broken limbs and tails healed at strange angles, living in packs on chaotic streets, they sleep all day and roam all night, even around the bars.  Thais constantly give scraps to eat, from the food stalls, the shop houses, restaurants and bars.  Almost no one chases them or is mean.  The soi dogs wander around in every direction, wagging their tails, urinating, sniffing each other and a city full of interesting smells.  They are often trying to have sex and always raising their young.  Some like to find a little nook, hang out and watch the action. 

If reincarnation is part of life, then who were they in their previous lives and what did they do in order to become Bangkok soi dogs?